A story following a picture

A story following a picture

Bombs, soldiers, houses destroyed and one Putin, unwilling to stop. 

The winds of war in Europe manage to shake the Western world, flooding many issues – freedom of expression, ego, power, gender struggle, and more.

Eddie Gerald is a photographer who is currently in Ukraine on a mission from the “Ovda system”, experiencing and documenting the war from his point of view. Every picture has a story in it. A story of family, abandonment, terror, fear, violence, and sometimes even hope.

“A Man in His Home” is a photograph of a Ukrainian citizen standing in his house after it was destroyed in a shelling.

We invite you to write a short story of up to 800 words inspired by this picture. The stories will be published and sent to Eddie Gerald. 

Some of them will be translated into English.


For better days,

The short story project

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