Ángel Zapata

Ángel Zapata

  • Spain

Ángel Zapata is a Spanish writer, teacher, translator, and critic, specializing in short stories, literary theory, and surrealism. He was born in Madrid in 1961. Zapata has defined himself as a surrealist writer, but with a clearly Marxist conscience. He is the author of three collections of short stories and two books of literary theory. Both his literary and critical work has been published in various anthologies. An expert of surrealism, he has translated from the French authors such as Louis Janover and Michel Carrouges, as well as works around surrealism. He is a member of the surreal collective La Llave de los Campos and the Surrealist Group of Madrid. Zapata is a professor of creative writing, storytelling, and psychoanalysis applied to writing, with a trajectory in prestigious centers such as the Writing Workshop in Madrid, the Fuentetaja Creative Writing Workshops, and the Writers’ School in Madrid.


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