Hernán Ronsino

Hernán Ronsino

  • Argentina

Hernán Ronsino is an Argentine writer, professor and sociologist. He was born in 1975 in Chivilcoy, a small town in the pampas of Argentina. In 1994 he moved to Buenos Aires for his studies. The author of three novels, among them Glaxo (2009), Ronsino is a professor at the University of Buenos Aires and the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO). His first collection of short stories obtained the honorable mention of the Argentine National Fund of the Arts in 2002. Ronsino is also a co-publisher of the culture magazine Carapachay, and since 2010 he is a founding member of the  magazine En Ciernes. His works have been translated into French, German and Italian, and his stories have been published in different journals, magazines and anthologies. Ronsino has received awards in various national competitions, among them the Haroldo Conti Contest for Young Storytellers 2001. In 2011 he was selected by the Guadalajara International Book Fair as one of the new leading authors in Latin America, and his novel Lumbre (2013) was included in the HOTLIST 2016 of the independent German-language publishers.

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