James Joyce

James Joyce

  • Ireland

Irish author James Joyce has written fifteen short stories – which were collected into one volume and titled Dubliners – and defined them as chapters in the history of his hometown’s morality. Joyce, one of the greatest Modernist writers of the early 20th century, is best known for his monumental novel Ulysses (1922), in which he designed and created his own literary style. Joyce was born in Dublin in 1882 and grew up in a Catholic environment. As an adult, he moved to Europe, and over the years lived in Italy, France, and Switzerland. The Catholic Church and the censorship in Ireland banned his works, which Joyce took much trouble to have them published. Finnegans Wake is his last book, published in 1939. Joyce died in Zurich in 1941. Each year, on the 16th of June, Bloomsday is celebrated in Ireland and worldwide, in honor of Joyce. On this day, Joyce fans hold public readings of Ulysses.

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