Kornel Makuszyński

Kornel Makuszyński

  • Poland

Kornel Makuszyński (1884–1953), born in Stryj [now Stryy, Ukraine], writer, journalist and drama critic, one of the most popular authors of children’s books in Poland. During World War I, Makuszyński and his first wife Emilia were deported to Russia. Till 1918, he lived in Kiev, was dramaturg at Stanisława Wysocka’s Polish Theatre and acted as President of the local Society of Writers and Journalists. While in Kiev, he wrote his first novels. After Poland regained independence, Makuszyński settled in Warsaw, there he wrote his most popular books for children and young people. The outbreak of World War II put an end to the writer’s material and artistic stability. Makuszyńskis’ flat in Warsaw, full of works of art, was seriously damaged during an air raid in 1939 and during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. Kornel Makuszyński died on the 31st of July 1953. He was buried at the Cemetery for Persons of Merit in Zakopane. 


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