Maxim Biller

Maxim Biller

  • Germany

Maxim Biller is a German author and columnist, who was born in Prague in 1960 and has lived in Germany since 1970. After studying German literature in Hamburg and Munich and attending the German School of Journalism, he wrote for a variety of media. He now writes columns for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung and Die Zeit. His 2007 short story collection, Love Today, was published in the United States. His most recent publication was the novel Biografie (Biography) in 2016. Until recently, Maxim Biller was a member of the relaunched “Literarisches Quartett,” a classic German literary TV show. He is the author of novels, short story collections, reportage, essays, children’s books, and plays. His novel Esra (2003) was banned and withdrawn from circulation. His latest play, according to the Literarische Welt, is “as funny, sexy and thrilling” as if it had been co-authored by Woody Allen and Philip Roth.



 *Photo: © Christian Werner.

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