Mohammed Salah Rajeh

Mohammed Salah Rajeh

  • Egypt

Mohammed Salah Rajeh is an Egyptian screenwriter. He was born in Mansoura in 1982 and obtained a BA in Business Studies in 2003. He studied screenwriting informally for many years and has gone on to lecture in it at a number of prestigious cultural centres (Saqiya al-Delta, Books and Beans, Bayt al-Kassid, Alif Bookstore). An active member of the Egyptian Writers’ Union, his short story collection “When Silence Speaks” (2013 Dar Lila Kayan Corp) deals with the lives of the marginalized. Also in 2013 in a new creative venture combining script and novel, his screenplay “A Quarter Citizen” was published by Dar Atlas. This deals with the violations taking place in Egyptian prisons and the unconstitutionality of Article 341 of the Criminal Code (breach of trust). His novel Hab Yak (Double One) a social thriller with a psychological dimension and a touch of politics was published by Dar Atlas in 2014. His most recent publications are the short story collection “He Stays Alone” and the novel “Mirsal” (Ibiidi Publishing, 2019 and 2020 respectively). The novel focuses on art and creativity through the device of a typewriter in a mental asylum. His dramatic works include for television the crime mystery series Property 24, adapted from the novel by Muhab Tarjim (Produced by Spot 2000, Safwat Ghattas), and for radio the Ramadan 2018 sitcom Rabi Jar on al-Sharq al-Awsat starring Ahmed Eid and Latifa.

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